Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A childs prayer

Monday was an oh so difficult day. It was a horrible day really. It all started in the morning when I was dropping off Choriço at nursery. I was paying our monthly contribution when the nursery director casually says; "so did you go and enroll Choriço at school?"My jaw dropped and I said -"what???

A few weeks ago Choriço was at home with pinkeye. During that week they sent messages to the parents and posted a big note outside the nursery that it was the week to enroll the kids to school. Only that they forgot to tell me. So I had no idea I even needed to do that as we had already sent in some paperwork through the nursery. I went to the school who said there were no vacancies left. in the afternoon I went to the nursery and told the director I wanted her to call the school as I consider it to be her fault for not telling me. We started discussing and it ended up with me crying all the way home.

A friend of mine knows the director of another sh cool and sent me there. Only that the school is about twenty minutes away and it was hot. Really hot and I had Choriço with me. Well we went and they said there is a chance he can get a place there. When we came home again after stressing back and forth we were dirty with red feet and warm. I immediately opened the fridge to cool myself with some coke while Choriço went straight inside.

As I stand there drinking my coke I hear some mumbling from the living room. As I peek inside the living room I see Choriço kneeled down by the sofa praying. I could hear him saying something about helping me and about school and so on. Just then the phone rang so he stopped praying.

But this is something I will never forget. I had not said anything to him about praying nor had we talked about Jesus. This was a totally spontaneous prayer. And I am glad becasue this is the way I want my son to go.

The prayer of a child is one of the most beautiful prayers I think. So sweet and innocent.

As for the school we'll just have to see what happens. It's in God's hands really.

The nursery my son attends is in help and unless they raise money to pay the bills they will have to close! I have opened a charity event which I urge you to participate in. Please let me help the nursery to continue to help the families in need! I cannot do this without your help! Please visit VA Charity to find out more. Thank you!!


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