Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Mouse trap

I think I will be a bit more careful with what I pu into the washing machine after this accident. The other day I was washing clothes and saw that there were some strange dirt on the sheets. I thought it was quite odd, after all I was washing the sheets. I continued to hang the clothes and sheets to dry and what did I find? A dead mouse!

The poor little thing, no I don't really feel bad for him/her, was squashed to the side and had probably been alive before the washing cycle began. Iiiiihh. I like to think of myself as this calm person who isn't too squemish but unfortunaltely I'd be lying so I won't say anything. But I almost screamed out loud.

Of course I had to remove all clothes, fill the machine with detergent, washing powder and all other sorts of cleaning products and put on a washing cycle before I could wash the clothes again...So from now on I'll be extra careful when I wash so that I don't add things that shouldn't be there.


Tiffany said...

Aw, that's kinda sad AND gross lol. I think I would've cried.. because I'm a baby and don't like to hurt anything (I almost cried when a bat that was caught in our house was tortured by our cats outside) anyway, that would have been a shock to see in the washer!