Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nothing like a good book to cheer up a sad mom

These last few days I've been incredibly cranky, sad and angry. Actually it's been more like frustrated than angry.

Well yesterday I had nothing special to do at night. My husbands uncle is visiting so he and my DH were talking and watching the news, Choriço were playing on the computer and I tried to read the Bible but couldn't concentrate with all the noise. That's when I remembered I had a book lying around that I've been meaning to read for some time now, I found the book and went in to the bedroom to read it.

I started laughing on the first page I think, I was giggling so much that my husband had to go check on me as he couldn't understand what was so incredibly funny. I told him one of the parts, not sure if he found it funny really, and then I continued. It was a short book so I finished it this morning, still laughing.

It was so relieving! After all the tension I've felt these last few days it just released my hormones a bit and helped me see that everything isn't so bad. It was just what I needed. I love reading so for me reading is an excellent way to relax. So for me there is nothing like a good book to cheer me up! lol

How do you relax when you are stressed or sad?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mama goes shopping

For moms who are looking for baby stuff there is a great place that helps you find exactly what you want: the Baby and Toddler place at

it is really easy to find gorgeous thing there, simple log into their baby and toddler site and tell them what you are looking for. If you are looking for ways to activate your child and make sure he/she have fun and learn at the same time you can read a guide before you buy on what to think about when buying activity centers for babies. It will tell you exactly what it is, what it consist of and where to get it.

Buying quality things for your baby is extremely important and not something that should be overlooked because of financial hindrance. That is why many of the guides give you all the information you need as well as information on where to find the best buy within your budget. As an example you can look at the toddler clothing buying guide. You will see several choices of what kind of clothes to buy, you click on what you are looking for and the next page will give you the option of setting the price. that way you will not have to look all over the net to find clothes for your toddler that fits your budget. It makes shopping online so much easier!!

And for those not looking for baby stuff but loves to shop online, Shopwiki is huge! You can surely find what you are looking for there!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Someone give me ice cream!

Strawberry ice cream in a cone.Image via WikipediaI would love it if someone came with ice cream right now. It is incredibly hot here! And extremely humid to top it off. It surely wouldn't be bad if it started to rain soon.

So today is a perfect ice cream day, but as I haven't got any money at home I will just have to skip that part... Right now I have to go and pick up Choriço from nursery, it's not very far but it is uphil on the way back. phuuuuuuuu.... I'm not looking forward to it.

Well, a mommy gotta to what a mommy gotta do.. better get going...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Mouse trap

I think I will be a bit more careful with what I pu into the washing machine after this accident. The other day I was washing clothes and saw that there were some strange dirt on the sheets. I thought it was quite odd, after all I was washing the sheets. I continued to hang the clothes and sheets to dry and what did I find? A dead mouse!

The poor little thing, no I don't really feel bad for him/her, was squashed to the side and had probably been alive before the washing cycle began. Iiiiihh. I like to think of myself as this calm person who isn't too squemish but unfortunaltely I'd be lying so I won't say anything. But I almost screamed out loud.

Of course I had to remove all clothes, fill the machine with detergent, washing powder and all other sorts of cleaning products and put on a washing cycle before I could wash the clothes again...So from now on I'll be extra careful when I wash so that I don't add things that shouldn't be there.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Forgetful Mom

Once in a while we hear these horror stories about how parents forget their kids in the car or at strange places etc. We shake our heads and say "oh that is irresponsible- I would never do that".

You know what, I won't say so, an accident can easily happen due to different circumstances but in this case I am referring to my horrible memory. I am absolutely a forgetful mom, I forget everything! *For those of you who are yet not a parent- prepare yourself the "Mommy forgetfulness" comes after the baby is born.*

My memory deteriorated significantly after I became a mom, I've always been a little forgetful but not like this. Let me give you an example; This morning I put on a washing load at 8am, after midday I remember it! It does not take 4+ hours for the washing machine cycle to go round. Which makes me think that I could easily be one of these moms who forget her child in the car*God forbid* or something else. Sometimes I slip into the internet world and forget about the rest. All of a sudden I wake up and think to myself "oh what was I doing again?" To juggle being a mom/wife/biz owner is already hard - with a bad memory it gets even harder.

And it is not only due to the Internet, it happens when I'm not online either... a lot....

Well they say it is good to stimulate your brain early so that you won't get forgetful when you get older... I better start practicing that...