Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A safe home

Brazil is not a peaceful country if you look at the amount of violence shown on TV everyday. When I first got here it amazed me that everyone has a gate in front of their home. Then it scared me when someone didn't and I found myself thinking "How can they not have a gate in front of their home? Aren't they afraid?"

Home security is something so incredibly important no matter where you live. Making sure that you can sleep peacefully at night and that your family is safe is the best thing. Now I don't live on a violent street thankfully but yes there are violence close by. Every night we make sure we have closed the gate and that the door is locked. I worry that someone will jump over our gate even though it is almost 2 meters high. I worry that someone will try to poison our dogs just as other dogs on our street have been.

There are different security systems you can use and many do use them which is a very smart move in my opinion. Here many houses use a motorcycle guard that comes by every hour or so during the night. What we have been talking about is setting up some extra lamps to make sure we can see properly outside when it is dark. Our dogs are very good guards so we can tell if there is someone outside or if it is just a dog passing.

I think that when you have a family you worry more about these things than if you are single. When you have a family you have responsibility over someone else, and kids rely totally on you to take care of them. Small kids haven't got a clue when it comes to security normally. Mine sure doesn't.

If you don't already use on of the many available home security systems out there today then I really suggest you look into it, there is nothing better than making sure your family can rest peacefully at night or when away aon holiday.

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