Friday, September 12, 2008

Rain and thunder

Today at 2pm the sky was dark, dark. The sun had completely disappeared and the wind had taken over. And now at night it is raining and it is quite cold outside.

South Brazil was taken by a surprise yesterday when a hurricane came in, something very rare in Brazil and no one was prepared. Houses were destroyed and everything looked upside down. I felt bad for those who had their houses destroyed and I just pray we won't get any of that. I'm honestly not sure how my house would deal with something like that.

A small thunder is threatening to start here but so far nothing, the only thing is the constant rain. Which was expected, yesterday was extremely hot and humid.

Right now I am making a nice stew for us to enjoy in this cold weather, with that rice will be served and beans, a tomato salad, broccoli and garlic bread. Almost a feast :)

What's for dinner at yours?

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