Monday, September 29, 2008

A Mama needs relaxin'!

I have a wish that I've had for some time now, a wish that I surely am not alone to have. I wish I could get away to a spa for the day to use a bath tub. That would be wonderful! Just to get away for a little while and take care of myself.

In Sweden almost all houses have bathtubs, here in Brazil that is an absolute luxury to have. And as with all things you don't miss it when you have it but once it becomes a rare thing you appreciate it a whole lot more. And it's the same thing with bathtubs, I miss it so much! I'd love to have a bathtub here. Looking at Simply Bathtubs they have gorgeous clawfoot bathtubs which I think would be perfect in a new bathroom. They have affordable discount whirlpool tubs for all sizes and pockets.

To make sure your bathtub fit with your house and your style there are several styles to choose from; you may want a corner tub, a modern tub, antique or acrylic tub, choose what model and size fits you best. Installing a bathtub needn't be that costly actually, looking at the prices there are bathtubs for under $800 which I would say is a great investment. The more expensive ones goes up over $7000 and more ensuring an even more luxurious bath. The bigger the size and the more customizations the more it will cost you.

Walk in bath tubs are a good choice as you get older as you can sit up in them. With only a small door to open there will be no more climbing and risk of falling. The smart thing with Simply Bathtubs is that you can buy through their site so you won't have to go shopping for a tub but can choose directly from the site. Giving you more time to enjoy your bathtub.

If you are not sure you really need a bathtub then think again, imagine how great it will feel to slip in after a long day at work and just enjoy the heat and let your muscles soften. That is what I miss as it is something I used to do after a day of hard work at the stables. And I think every mom needs some relaxin' once in a while so it would be perfect to liven up a tired mom.

Really, everyone should have a bath tub, but until then I guess the shower will have to do...

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