Thursday, September 11, 2008

A good night's sleep

Lately I have become incredibly tired and go to bed quite early. Thankfully we have a very comfortable bed. Buying the bed was actually one of the biggest problems we faced when buying furniture for our house.

First we couldn't decide on what bed we liked, looking at several beds in several stores we finally decided on one. Then came the next problem; the mattress. Here soft mattresses are hard to find and I wanted a soft mattress. My husband wanted one of the hardest ones so we had some difficulties deciding there but settled for one that was in the middle. Well 4 years later the mattress is in a good shape and I now think it was good we settled for a harder mattress, it is better for the back.

We decided to goo for a wooden bed without too many details and I'm glad we did because it is simple but very nice. Bedroom World has some wonderful beds and I really wish I could've bought my bed from there. Their selection of beds is impressive. All stores here have more or less the same selection of beds I think, that's why I like it when you can look at online stores and see their beds (and other things of course).

Talking about beds, I really have to go and make the bed, that is the tiresome part...

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