Friday, September 5, 2008

A cozy home

When we moved in to our home I said I wanted to make it a cozy home, one that you would like to enter and feel a warm feeling inside. Well that has been more difficult than I imagined actually. There seems to be a lack of cozy things to decorate your home with in Brazil. Or at least I never find what I would like.

If I had IKEA around I would have bought several things from there but since there isn't an IKEA in Brazil that makes it a bit more difficult. Of course there are nice shops with things I would love to buy but they are always out of my price range which makes it harder.

Well one thing that does make a house cozier is a rug, so I made sure we bought two rugs when we moved in as well as a few for the bathroom. And it made all the difference! I love my rugs today and wouldn't want to be without them.

So if your house needs an extra touch of something but you are not sure what then area rugs could be the solution. With so many different models and patterns out there on the market you are bound to find something you like. Plaza Rugs has more than 400 different models and will even help you chose the right rug for your home if you are not sure what rug to buy. Their contemporary rugs has become a favorite for many and can surely suit your style as well.

Except for the rugs I also recommend getting some nice and beautiful curtains. Here most curtains are very plain and quite boring but we managed to find some beautiful blue curtains on sale which we quickly snapped up. My next project is to decorate with flowers, the ones I have are all in the backyard. I really do wish I had a better eye for decorating and some good shops, and money, to make my home even nicer.

What do you think makes your home cozy?

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