Friday, September 5, 2008

Almost spotless

Yesterday I did a "faxina", which is when you clean your house from the inside out and make sure it is clean. Well I started around 8.45am and didn't stop until 1pm when I realized I needed to have some lunch.

I washed all clothes, three loads, now funnily enough I only had two garments from all these loads.. why is that?? I cleaned the bathrooms, the whole yard, and the whole house., And I ironed all clothes in the evening. It felt great!

But the thing is that no matter how much you clean the house is never really spotless. I mean there is always something to clean up or something to do. Today I don't have much to do, only do the dishes and sweep the yard but besides from that- nothing. Wonderful.

Better enjoy it while I an, tomorrow I will probably need to clean again although not as thorough. lol

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