Monday, August 18, 2008

Shoe Lovers Paradise

Brazil is a wonderful place for shoe lovers! I have never been to keen on buying shoes before I moved here but here it is easy to become a shoe addict for real. Women's Sandals are everywhere and in all different styles and colors.

When we moved here one of the first things my husband did was to take me shoe shopping. It felt so great and I adored the shoes I could chose from. My husband was a shoe salesman for eight years before we met so he knows shoes so I trust him completely when buying shoes.

Finding cheap shoes is normally not a problem, the problem can be to find good quality shoes at a good price. I have a few places that I know sell good shoes at affordable prices but it would of course be nice to be able to buy more expensive ones without looking at the price. A few months ago I had to buy a par of boots, somehow walking in sneakers didn't seem appropriate when meeting clients. So I tried to find a nice pair of fashion boots that wouldn't ruin me. On a tight budget I set off to find a pair I liked. Well how lucky weren't I? The first place I went to had a pair that were perfect and to the best price ever. And there was only one pair left as someone had bought them but returned them so they were at a much better price. That was great, if it only could be that easy every time.

I am also a fan of flip flops, the more flowers and color they have the better. Here everyone use flip flops everyday so it is nice if they look good as well.

Like shoes and are planning a trip to Brazil? Well save some space, you might find yourself with several extra pairs when leaving.

If you are not going to Brazil then visiting can be an option. With a large collection for all tastes and affordable prices they surely have something you like as well.

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