Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quiet time for moms?

I believe it is important to reflect on life and what is happening in one's life regularly. I think we all should take time to always make sure we have time for ourselves.

As a mom that is not always easy. Unless you are lucky to be a WAHM then you may not have much time to sit down and go through your own thoughts. For us WAHM's it is easier to find a few minutes here and there to just do nothing, we might find it difficult as we work from home and there is no limit to when we can work but that is also a benefit.

A WAHM can take a nap during the day if she wants to, not that I ever have mind you, she can make coffee anytime she wants, I don't drink coffee any longer, she can call her friends whenever she has time and she can prepare dinner exactly when she wants. And much more.

But she might not do any of these things as she works from home, and working from home is not always easy. It's not everyone who work in their pj's, most don't. But no matter where you work it is important to find time only for you.

Me, I love going to the park, but there is no park where I live and if I want to go to one I would have to take two buses to get there. Now lucky me have English students that live just by the lake and park so every Wednesday I am close to the park but I never go there. But today I will. Today I will leave work earlier and just sit there by the lake for some time and reflect on my life and pray. It will be my quiet time only for me. Do I feel bad about it? Nah not really. Actually I feel really happy about it and look forward to it. And really I should try and do this every Wednesday if only for a few minutes.

Of course you do not need to go tpo a park to get some quiet time, some prefer to sleep or just stay at home. What is important is that it is a quiet time only for you.

Do you set aside a special quiet time for yourself when you sit and do nothing?

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