Sunday, August 24, 2008

Online furniture shopping

I love going to furniture stores to see how I can improve my home and perhaps add something extra to it. The only thing I don't like is the pain my feet feels after doing it for a whole day. This is often what happens when me an my husband are looking for something new to our house, we seek out all furniture stores in town and walk up, and down, to go back up again to finally go down again and so on it goes.

When we were looking at bedroom furniture for our new house we did this walking up and down a few times. Thankfully these days many shops have their stock online so there is no need to get blisters from walking too much. eFurniture Showroom's actual showroom is online which makes it great when looking for living room furniture for example. Instead of having to find a salesman you can get all the details off the site and order when you are ready. Gotta like that! I personally don't like talking to salesmen much so I prefer this way and wish more stores would make their products available online.

When we bought office furniture to my mini office here at home we looked online to see where we could find good deals. Even if we have to visit the store later we don't mind as we already know what we are looking for then.

A few tips about buying furnitures online;
* Check that the company is reliable, do a quick online search or ask friends if they know about the company.
* Give the store a call to actually talk to someone.
* Ask a bout refunds and delivery times to make sure you know what your rights are.
* If you can, go to the shop itself and see the furnitures before buying them. deliver quality goods straight from the manufacturer to your home, offering a large selection with affordable prices.

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