Sunday, August 24, 2008

A moment of desperation

The other day I was cleaning up in the kitchen when my husband got home. We started chatting on the sofa about something and I started, as I often do, to touch my wedding ring. Only that it wasn't there! I stopped talking in the middle of sentence and got this horrible feeling of desperation.

Where is my ring???
My husband got mad and said that I must have taken it off. I never take it off so I knew there wasn't a chance I had done that. My mother in law came by with some cooked beans and I told her I had lost it. (Later she told me that when she got home she had put a glass of water under the sink to help me find it. She has all these funny ideas about doing things.)

Well her help wasn't needed though because I found the ring just after she had left, it was on the floor. As I was drying the dishes the ring got caught in the old scruffy (but clean) towel I was using. I remember I heard a strange sound as something hit the cupboard but thought nothing else of it.

Now I know that next time I use an old towel to dry the dishes I will be more cautious.

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