Friday, August 8, 2008

Hardwood for your kitchen

Ever since we moved to our house I have been dreaming of having a new kitchen. I would love a big, spacious and light kitchen. As we all know birch is a wonderful kind of tee, one of the most beautiful in my opinion. White and soft on the outside and wonderfully light patterned on the inside. This kind of tree makes it a beautiful wood for kitchen cabinets. Imagine a big kitchen made out of birch, covered with light varnish so the patterns are still noticeable.

Hardwood specializes in custom made products made out of Aspen and Lumber Hardwood white birch. On their site you can see the different technicalities for various trees. They have a point system to tell you what is good , perfect and not so good when buying wood. This is essential information when wanting to add wooden flooring to your house or make wooden furnitures.

As this company is specializing in wood you will not have to worry about any extra trees being cut down, they care about the environment and make sure no tree is unnecessary cut down. Funded in 1987 they have grown to become the largest sellers of white birch in east Canada today.

Why choose lumber hardwood white birch? Well it doesn't have any mineral streaks, its white color is very sought after and it is fleck free. Though it is a rather small tree in comparison to others it does have its advantages considering the above mentioned.

Now, I will have to continue dreaming of my white birch kitchen but if you are thinking of redoing your kitchen and aren't sure what wood to go for I would suggest birch. It is incredibly beautiful and just can't go wrong.

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