Monday, August 18, 2008

A blessed friendship

When I came to Brazil I was quite lonely. Or really lonely. I am still quite lonely, but only a little. Getting to know people isn't easy unless you have some kind of reason to get to know them, a common place where you can get to know each other.

Well I met M, a missionary and her husband M, and my life changed completely. M has meant more to me than I can ever express and I thank the Lord every day for putting us together. Unfortunately for me M had to leave to go back to the States yesterday. We knew their time was limited here and they have already been here for about two years.

On Saturday the church held a special memorial service for them that was absolutely wonderful. I couldn't help but crying, I even had to go out for while because I couldn't stop crying. Afterwards anyone who wanted to say something special to them could go up and do so. And of course I had to do say something. Well with me up there M started crying and I started to cry even more. And at night when I came home I couldn't stop crying either, the tears just kept coming.

But yesterday I didn't cry, they left just after service and although I feel really sad I am trying not to cry. I know they will be back next year, if only for a short while. Thankfully there is the Net! And Skype!

I wish that everyone get to meet someone as special as M and family are to me, it is a real blessing to have friends like that.

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