Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beautiful sleep

Last night I made noodles for Choriço, he likes to eat noodles at night and even if it is against my thinking of "real food" I figure that once in a while can't hurt him. So I made his dear noodles, he complained about the water being bad- not very tasty. I told him not to drink the water if he didn't like it but he drank it anyway.

Family starts arguing about Choriço not sitting up when he is eating but instead more or less lying down. He starts to cry a bit and says he is going to throw up. We tell him to stop sulking and stop with that nonsense (reason being is that his cousin throws up when he cries and Choriço sometimes use that as a way to get out of trouble). We all go to bed and in the middle of the night I wake up and two seconds later Choriço is throwing up big time. Yes, it was the noodles.

"I told you I felt like throwing up" he said accusingly to us. We felt bad of course, guess we won't turn the deaf ear on any time soon to that kind of statement again.

After everything was cleaned up something very nice happened. We were all lying in bed, once again, and Choriço starts to sing. He starts to sing some really nice songs, I couldn't really figure out what he was singing but it sure was a real song. Instead of telling him to be quiet, which was my first reaction, I stayed quiet and just listened and fell a sleep to the beautiful hymn of his song in my head.

Poor Choriço was a bit shaken up and had to stay at home from nursery today but he is all fine now. Not sure he will eat noodles any time soon though... *lol*

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