Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Great news!

I've got great news! (Well I think it is great) We have found a nearby playground!

Actually I suspect it has always been there, I've just never seen it. Which is quite strange as I have passed there several times and never noticed it. Well now during Choriço's school break we have been to see the sheep's that are not to far away from here. Yesterday I took some other kids with me as well and they said they wanted to go to the park. I knew there was an area for skateboarding but I had never seen the area for kids.

The area itself is quite small an only have three "toys", all made out of wood. There are also some broken and very low tree benches to sit on. Well it might be tiny and not the best playground but it is a playground and my son totally loves it! And so does I actually, seeing him play and run around happy is great. *lol*

So today I took him again and he didn't really want to leave when I told him that we had to go. For me the lack of a playground has been a big issue actually. I think all kids should be able to go to a playground and run around and play. Well now I have finally found one, it may not be the best but it does serve its purpose. :)

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