Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Great news!

I've got great news! (Well I think it is great) We have found a nearby playground!

Actually I suspect it has always been there, I've just never seen it. Which is quite strange as I have passed there several times and never noticed it. Well now during Choriço's school break we have been to see the sheep's that are not to far away from here. Yesterday I took some other kids with me as well and they said they wanted to go to the park. I knew there was an area for skateboarding but I had never seen the area for kids.

The area itself is quite small an only have three "toys", all made out of wood. There are also some broken and very low tree benches to sit on. Well it might be tiny and not the best playground but it is a playground and my son totally loves it! And so does I actually, seeing him play and run around happy is great. *lol*

So today I took him again and he didn't really want to leave when I told him that we had to go. For me the lack of a playground has been a big issue actually. I think all kids should be able to go to a playground and run around and play. Well now I have finally found one, it may not be the best but it does serve its purpose. :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Planning a family holiday

It's summertime in most parts of the world and that means holiday for most families. Planning a family holiday is not the same thing as planning a holiday when you don't have kids. It is slightly more time consuming and requires some extra attention to make sure it is child friendly.

Child Friendly helps you plan your family holiday not only in the UK but all over the world. You can read about where other families have been and what they thought about the place. Don't want to or don't have the budget to go abroad? Getting out and about with the family needn't be expensive, do something local. Take the kids to a local farm, go for an ice cream, take trip to a close by shopping mall or just do something you usually don't do. Kids are easily entertained most of the time.

Live in the UK and want to take the family out for a Pub lunch but are not sure where to? You will find family friendly choices on the site with reviews and all necessary information you need. A look at the family pubs in London show quite many options. I personally recommend a trip to Hampstead Heath, enjoy the enormous park and then go for lunch at The Holly Bush, the kids will love it! And you will enjoy the nice area with small shops.You can also use Google Maps to show you exactly where your selected destination is and how to get there. It will also tell you about other restaurants and things to do in the area.

Summer is not over yet so there are still plenty of time to plan a family friendly holiday. Even if you only have a few days, make sure that you do something. Get together with another family and do something together. It will be more fun and you can probably cut the costs in half.

Summer is great and way to short to stay inside all the time!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dreaming of a holiday

Can you believe that I have never been to the beach here in Brazil! It's a shame isn't it!?! Each year I tell my DH that we will go and each year we realize it won't be happening.

I still have my hopes for this year. As summer is in Dec I still have a few months to save up for us to go. Unfortunately it is the staying that makes it impossible for us. Everything gets really expensive in Dec as it's high season. But I still have my hopes up for this year and shall start saving *lol*

Do you feel you "need" to go on holiday every year? How often do you go and does it need to be abroad?

Friday, July 11, 2008

A week full of joy

I am hoping next week will be a week full of joy. Next week is winter break so Choriço will be at home for a week. I have decided to take some time off during that time and fully dedicate myself to him.

I am planning to only speak Swedish with him, or try- it's getting harder each day, play some games and just do fun things. We kind of started the week today as he has been at home today. Today is my birthday so I used that as an excuse to keep him at home. We haven't celebrated much, I made a chocolate cake for the sake of making a cake but I've only had a small bite. No fun making a cake when I will be the only one eating it.

We took a short walk to look at the sheep not to far away from here. Choriço loves looking at them and was thrilled to see there was a small lamb there as well. I was a bit worried its mom would get angry but it she just kept looking and didn't do anything. Then we went to my MIL and Choriço played with his cousin for awhile.

Now it is almost dinner time and as I keep traditions when it comes to birthdays I will not cook dinner but order a pizza. *lol*

Well the holiday break started good, lets hope next week will be as pleasant or better :)

Best Buying Guide for Moms

Shopping for baby stuff is one of the most exciting things a mother can do before her baby arrives. It is also a task that requires time and patience, especially if you are on a budget. And it seems as if more and more mothers are looking for that best buy.

I love things that facilitate mommy/parent life and an easy shopping guide is just what every mommy to be needs when shopping around for baby clothes, toys etc. Internet shopping is supposed to be easy but can sometimes leave you more tired than store shopping. After browsing around for hours there is little energy left to actually buy the things you want to buy.

Instead of searching in the dark on the net you can now turn to ShopWiki and find exactly what you are looking for. ShopWiki is this smart new way of finding stuff for sale on the net, meaning your results will be more spot on than if only using a regular search engine.

So a mom looking to buy a stroller can go to ShopWiki's Babies and Toddler page and search for strollers. You will get full information what different kinds of strollers there are to chose from and they even tell you what stroller fits within your budget. I like that the descriptions are detailed and will tell you what you get and even show you an image of the product. They also link to external pages where you can find more information.

Every mother needs a diaper bag, here you will find out what to look for, brands, what to fill it with and even the latest trends in diaper bags. (The great thing with diaper bags is that these days they can easily be mistaken for a normal bag, the designs are chic and modern.)

If you have valuable additional product information you would like to share you can join the ShopWiki community. By showing other moms ShopWiki's shopping guide you can help them to find just what they need and spend less time on looking for products and more time buying them.

I think ShopWiki is great and suggest you start your search there next time you are looking to buy things over the net.