Sunday, June 22, 2008

Days gone by

Oh dear! Time flies! It goes so incredibly quickly that I don't even know here to start. I have to say that working at home has made me lost all concept of time. Don't ask me what date it is because I will probably not know, horrible isn't it?

Well this past month we have had many things going on at home. Choriço got a hamster, who unfortunately only was a member of our family for about a week. Then one of the dogs got him. Sad isn't it? I feel a little bit bad as I didn't manage to keep the little birdy alive and now the hamster... But what happened with the hamster was an accident, like that is supposed to make it any better. *lol*

I have started some real discipline training here at home, it is working quite well actually so far. I will post about that in the next few days, it might work for you as well if you have unruly kids.

Revka, my design partner, has just had a baby! I am very excited and thrilled for her and her family! She is currently on maternity leave so I am "holding the fort "at RS Designs at the moment. We are having a Summer Special at the moment where you can get a new design for $50!

Winter has also come and it is cold! Today it is quite warm but we've had some really really cold days.

And then of course there are much more to tell you about... *lol* but we will ahve to take that another day. i'm off to my MIL's for Sunday Lunch!
Have a nice Sunday!