Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A wonderful Mother's Day!

First I want to wish all mothers a Happy belated Mother's Day! It is a great joy to be a mother and I see it as such a privilege to take care of this little boy that is "mine".

I had to take little Choriço to the hospital on Friday, there is no pediatrician here at our health clinic on Fridays so they send everyone into town. Oh that made me angry. Choriço got bitten by one of our dogs the previous evening and he also had a cold. I wasn't really worried about the bite though, it was only on the surface of his skin but of course I still wanted to take him in for a check up. There we had to go through a questionnaire about the dog and she explained everything very well for me.

Now the biting in itself, our little dog is easily upset and doesn't like it when Choriço starts teasing her (which he loves to do) . I am sure she didn't bite him on purpose but of course I started thinking about putting her down or give her away. The latter would be difficult as she is a one man dog and doesn't like other people. Well for now everything is Ok so I am not worried that it will happen again and I think Choriço learned his lesson.

As he was sick on Friday I didn't get a chance to see the prepared performance at the nursery and was a bit upset of course. Well on Sunday at church I got to watch a beautiful performance. First we were shown a beautiful video with all our pictures. They had taken our pics a few weeks earlier. It was wonderful and I almost cried. Then they kids danced and sang a beautiful song. Well almost all kids,  Choriço started jumping on and off the stage playing with one of his friends. That is when I though "yep that's my boy"- typically my child not to stand still and sing. :) Choriço was very proud to show me his dance.

All moms also got  to stand up front and received a gorgeous little purse as well as applauds. At the end the kids came and gave us the pictures that we had taken, mine was in a beautiful red silverish frame with a picture of me and Choriço. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever gotten in my life I think. So much love in the air as the kids happily showed us how much they love us. As I haven't got any pictures with me and Choriço it meant even more to me. Now I have put it up and look at it everyday.

It was a Mother's Day I will never forget.

*Yes I know I have repeatedly said beautiful but there is no other way to describe this :) *


Paula said...

This is the first time I visited your blog and I like it. Is it okay if I link you to my blog?

I am glad you enjoyed Mother's Day. Take care!