Friday, April 4, 2008

Super Granny!

My son is so lucky I have to say! With my relatives being far away he has got the best ones here. They are always supportive and help us whenever needed.

The other day my MIL called and said she ahd bought a bicycle to Choriço and his cousin H. I was very surprised and at the same time ever so grateful. Me and DH have been talking about buying a bicycle and started looking but after seeing the horrendous prices we decided that he would have to wait a little longer.

Yesterday the bicycle arrived from the store and seeing the expression and happiness on Choriços face was the greatest pay I think. He was so happy and started riding it immediately. No problems what so ever with riding his new bike. At night he asked me to put it away in the back to "keep it safe".

I thanked my MIL but the small thanks I gave her will never show the great thankfulness I feel. I don't think she understands the value of her gift. I am probably more grateful for it than Choriço, in a way he will never understand.

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Gaida said...

Children are so free at expressing their emotions... I'm sure the expression and happiness at receiving the bike would have definitely been a sight to see..

I'm sure that your MIL knows your thankfulness & is felt.

Revka said...

How lovely. :) I'm sure A is thrilled!