Monday, April 28, 2008

Scrubs & Beyond

Say medical scrubs and many women will think of George Clooney and his blue scrub and ER. Well I got news for you, medical scrubs are not only blue these days, nor are they white. They now come in beautiful patterns and colors.

Scrubs & Beyond specializes in scrubs, their cherokee medical scrubs comes in pink, blue and yellow. Besides from scrubs they have very comfortable looking tops and pants. Their nursing uniform selection also include dickies scrubs, these scrubs have a slightly different design to them and a more colorful approach with deep pink colors but I can definitely see how it would be comfortable working in them. The difference between them and the cherokee medical scrubs is the V-neck and the colors.

But the most beautiful of them all is the new Katherine Heigl scrubs! I mean look at that! I think these scrubs are beautiful and as far from boring blue scrubs you can get. If this is the new fashion in nursing hey then even I can have a re think about becoming a nurse. *lol*

This might not be the option for hospitals, yet, but for private nursing it is great- practical and beautiful!

Well I have to say I think this is absolutely beautiful and it is definitely about time that the nursing uniforms had some colors and patterns added to them. If I worked as a nurse I would probably run to my boss straightaway and show him these beautiful scrubs!!

((Perhaps I could buy one and use here at home, I mean I do take care of my family, isn't that almost the same thing??? ))

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