Friday, April 25, 2008

Busy bee

Oh dear, I am so busy these days, now especially with the Bloggy giveaway going on. But I am definitely not complaining, I like being busy and this is being busy in a good way so it's OK.

Choriço got a cold on Monday and had to be home for a fee days but is now OK. This boy is getting so big! Seriously can you ever get used to the fact that your child is growing up? I wonder how my mom feels about having a grown up daughter. Scary thought!

The winter has also come, it is now quite chilly every day and the other day it was almost snowing in some parts not to far from here. I say almost snowing because it was hailing and within 10 minutes the ground was covered in white. It was quite funny to see on TV I have to say :)

It is now 3pm and time for some afternoon coffee, I have replied to emails (and customized a lot of headers) all morning and a good part of the afternoon. So now I think I deserve some coffee :)

0 Coffee´s on the table, please have some coffee