Friday, March 14, 2008

The new healthy me

This year is a very promising year I have to say. I started the year with some good job offers which is always nice. Then I read the wonderful book Love and Logic and have finally started to enjoy parenthood a little more. Not that I didn't enjoy it before but I have to say I was a little tired of the screaming monster I had her at home.

And now I have decided to become that healthy person I know I am but have been too lazy to take care of. I have let working take up my time and have not invested time in myself, hey even finding time to brush my teeth is hard, then something must be wrong right? I never take the time to drink a full cup of water when I do drink water and today I said to myself that it doesn't even take one minute to drink one small cup of water so why don't I try to make the most of that minute and relax while I drink it?

I also went to leave some fabric to one of my DH's clients who live two blocks away and after that I took a nice litte walk around the neighborhood. It was very nice but I could feel it made me tired. But I won't let that stop me, I will take an extra round now in the afternoon before I go to pick up my son. His nursery is about 2,5km from here, back and forth, so it is a short walk.

And my internet isn't orking either so this is posted from an internetcafé with a wonderful internet speed but horribly uncomfortable chairs to sit in.

Well it's Friday and that means Family time. We haven't got anything planned but I know what I will be doing if my Internet is working; work! :)

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