Saturday, March 22, 2008

Make yourself at home

"Make yourself at home", "The house is yours" common experssions used to make our guests feel at easy when they are visiting.

But do they? How much are you supposed to "take care of " your guests? I should probably put up a sign that says; " Welcome, make yourself at home but don't expect any special treatment" Because that is what I am like.

I will treat everyone with respect and in a caring way but I will not stress myself and treat you like a royal guest.

My husbands uncle is visiting us at the moment, he popped up like a clown in a box for the weekend and every time he comes it's the same thing. "Cook more food" , " N want this, N likes it like this..." etc. My MIL calls me to tell me to make more food, for us to eat there etc. He does eat a lot so my MIL is afraid I won't cook enough food. *lol*

And sure; while I think you should treat your guests, be it relative or not, with love and respect I am a firm believer that; whatever I have in my house is what I will offer. I will not go over mountains to get something for someone just because "they are my guest". And that is what I stick to but I am afraid I come out as this non caring woman who doesn't care for her guests which is not true. I do try to improve normal dinners and cook nice food etc to make sure my guests are comfortable. And that is also how I think your guest will feel more at home.

How do you treat your guests? Do you start stressing yourself about food and other non essential necessities only for your guests? How would you like to be treated when you visit someone? Do I sound too cruel? Tell me- I can handle the truth *lol*.

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Mommy Ruby said...

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By the way, I am a coffee addicts too!

I like your blog. It gives me an impression of a coffee shop. Thanks for visiting me.

@post, I don't really have many guests at home since we are not from this place. But when I have guests, when I say feel at home...then he or she must get her own glass of water when he or she is thirsty...he he he he...

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dianeinjapan said...

I can't imagine someone coming into my home as a guest and then making demands of me. So no, I don't think you're being cruel at all! I'll make sure that the house is clean and that food is available, but I will not be a short-order cook or a full-time tour guide or babysitter. I think my husband and I strike a pretty good balance with this kind of thing.

Laural said...

I am EXACTLY the same way as you. People are welcome to join me in my home, but I don't go out of my way to accomodate them. Fresh sheets, yes. Maybe a few fun things to do. But no extra money at the grocery store!

I wouldn't expect anything more when I'M the guest, either.

My Brazilian mother-in-law was shocked to find out I don't offer my guests cake!

Sonya said...

I believe that your guests should be gracious and appreciative of what you offer them. I, like you, try and make a nice meal and provide a comfortable setting but I do not go to extremes. No one has ever complained and our guests are always very thankful for simply being our guest. If I am a guest anywhere, I always try and be "low maintenance" and make sure to make my host feel very appreciated. If I want something special, I bring it with me.

Linda said...

Ladies; I am happy to hear we all think more or less the same way!
Mommy Ruby; thanks!

Diane; Thanks! Makes me feel a little better! :)

Luarel; don't you offer your guests cake???? *lol* Just kidding. Well as long as you offer a cafezinho you should be fine. (Cafezinho= sweet coffe in a small cup/sweet espresso)

Sonya; I always try to be low maintenance as well.. :)