Thursday, February 21, 2008

Love and Logic Day 2

So yesterday started the Love and Logic experiment. like they say in the book;

Love and Logic parents look forward for their child to misbehave so that every mistake can turn into a learning opportunity.

So yesterday when Choriço didn't listen to me on the way home from nursery I simply told him; You are not listening to me, when we get home you will have to choose if you want to go to your room for some quiet time or if you want to give me a toy. He started fuzzying but I said; if you start to fuzz you will have to give me another toy or stay longer in your room. He stopped.

When we got home I said to him that because he didn't obey me he would now have to choose. Of course he couldn't but started crying so I took him to his room, asked if he wanted the door opened or closed and left him with the door closed. He didn't cry much and soon came out calm. We repeated this process three time during the night. And boy did he scream. :) But I stayed calm and we had a nice night.

Today is the day for the granny test. The granny test is basically going to granny's and leave when I say so. If he doesn't listen he will not go there tomorrow and play with his cousin. We are having serious trouble with him refusing to leave her house. No more of that!

I am mentoring and preparing myself several times a day by reading the fact sheet I made. Somehow I actually feel calm, I can do this! :)


Sonya said...

Sounds like it may be working. I've never heard of this but it seems like the main theme is consistency and accountability. That can be tough on us parents sometimes. I pray it continues to work as your train your son.