Thursday, February 14, 2008

I will always remember Feb 14 2008

I will always remember this morning, February 14th. It was the morning when I woke up without little Choriço beside me.

No, nothing bad has happened, in fact something wonderful happened. It is sad but wonderful. Choriço decided to sleep in his own bed yesterday. At first we thought he was just kidding around but he insisted. My DH tried to go and get him three times but each time he woke up and got mad and went back to his own bed.

I told my husband that it was better to leave him there so I arranged the bed and put blankets on the floor incase he would fall off. I was worried he would fall off because he normally sleep next to the wall in our room but in his room the wall is on the opposite side. But this morning when I went to wake him up he was sleeping next to wall so I guess it didn’t matter too much.

He said he will sleep in his room tonight as well. We’ll see about that *lol*

Wow, my baby is getting big!

(It was nice to have more space in bed though… but don’t tell anyone I said so) J

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