Friday, February 8, 2008

Chock in Pink

A chock is what my husband will have when he comes home today. Although I hope it will be a pleasant chock I am not fully sure it will be...

The chock will be pink and lilac.

You see I am just painting our bedroom and my husband has no idea. The paint was actually for the living room. My husband bought white paint and extra color so we could get the color we liked without spending too much. Well the orange turned salmon and the red turned pink. I think that next time we will just buy the right color from the start. :)

And this morning I started thinking that it would be really nice with a nice lilac color in our room. I mean we have a big bucket of pink paint, we can't just throw it out. Well I am only painting one wall but boy is that enough! The wall has some green paint on it, since we painted the house and wanted to see what color our bedroom could be, and the pink won't cover it!

So I have to paint over the spot a million times before it is covered I think. I have also decided that it would be nice to have two big stripes on the wall, one darker pink and one lighter pink. The pink turned out to be lighter than it looks so my coloring isn't going according to plan. Because time is not on my hand I am feeling slightly stressed for the paint to dry so I can continue with the rest of the wall.... Thanks to whoever invented the hairdryer, it's handy in times like these :)

OK you are allowed to shake your heads now, thats OK. :)

I'll show you before and after when it's finished, now pray my husband will like it ...

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