Wednesday, January 23, 2008

WFMW- A spray bottle saved my life

This is my first time in participating in Works for me Wednesday If you have never participated go to Shannon's blog and have a look at some mighty good tips from moms.

One of the best things I have bought in a long time is a small spray bottle. I got so fed up with the cleaning product that I normally buy because you had to squeeze like crazy and nothing came out of it. Then I started thinking about how good it would be to have a spray bottle instead. I bought two small bottles, one for water (to use when I iron) and another for cleaning.

In this little bottle I actually mix already bought cleaning products with water and alcohol. Now I know this might not be the most environmental friendly way of cleaning actually but I find it incredibly useful. The amount of product is about 1 part products and 8 parts water and it still cleans everything! The alcohol helps to remove fat stains etc. By diluting the products it lasts longer.

What I do is that I buy a cheap cleaning product and use that. I spray it on everything and it cleans off wonderfully and it smells fresh and clean. I would say this little spray bottle has saved my life, especially my mentality, as I don't have to fret over cleaning products that don't keep the standard and I can easily clean my home.

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likes it cheap n' eazy said...

bakingsoda and water mixed into a paste, zinks tubs and so on