Wednesday, January 9, 2008

If I were to make New Year promises...

If I were to make New Year promises I would of course wish highly unlikely things to happen. I mean; we all want o promise things so badly but how many promises do we keep? Well if I were to make promises for this year it would be something like this;

This year I will: (not)
* Be this wonderful mother who doesn't raise her voice more than twice a day.
* Play with my son all the time
* Patience will be my middle name
* Funny Mom will be my second middle name
* Have a spotless home
* Make cleaning an enjoyable task
* Happily pick up toys fifty times per day without complaining
* Change my voice to a sweet Betty voice instead of this nagging Linda voice I have started to become familiar with.
* Definitely make a birthday cake for my son on his birthday.
* Have dinner ready when hubby comes home every night
* Iron the laundry as soon as it is dry instead of seeing a big pile of clothes on the bed for days

Now will this happen? I doubt it. I am no perfect mother or wife, never have been and never will be. But I can improve and the above list is what I will try to improve. Now I'm just not sure where to begin.... *lol*

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