Monday, January 7, 2008

Holiday's over

So the holiday is over from today. Today was the day hubby went back to work, it felt really strange to see him in his work clothes again. And it has only been two weeks. :)

How was the holiday? Well I can't really say it has been a holiday. I had several projects left to finish and then me and Revka had the "After Christmas giveaway" at RS Design where we gave away 14 headers in total. I have gotten some writing offers that keeps my busy as well which I am very grateful for. But it has hardly been a holiday.

The Christmas spirit has been next to nil and I am dreading to take away the only Christmas decorating we have, a cute Santa stocking. Once I remove that it means Christmas is really over, or actually never came here.... Well there will be another one this year right :) *lol*

So now it's back into blogging business and I am looking forward to have more time this year to socialize on my favorite blogs.

Hope you all had a nice Holiday!

I wish you all a Happy 2008!


Revka said...

That giveaway sure was no picnic, was it? I hope you get a chance to catch your breath soon. :)