Sunday, December 16, 2007

A week full of excitement

I have always dreamt of having a nice house, nicely decorated and cozy. Well our house hasn’t exactly been like that since we moved in here. We have talked about how we would like it to be but as we haven’t had any money to do anything it hasn’t been possible.

Now three years later it seems as if it is finally changing. This week we have done more around the house than we have in a long time. Or that is; that has made it nice and cozy. In three years time we have; changed the outside tiles from old horrible brown ones to new fresh light colored ones, we have changed the gate as it was falling apart basically, we have also had to make sure the house didn’t fall apart and lay a new ground on a few places on the yard, we have painted inside, moved the living room and no finally we have painted our house!

And the last two things are what have made the biggest difference and they have happened just now within a week, which is fantastic! From horrible looking yellow our house has changed to a fantastic green house. We started to pain yesterday around 4pm and finished around 10 pm. But we still have the back left which will be another few hours. I have advised hubby to do it today as it is me who is doing the little bits and pieces and can finish that tomorrow instead. It’s either that or wait until next Saturday. But at the moment hubby is taking a little afternoon nap so it will have to wait a little longer.

It is so nice to have a new fresh house! Tomorrow I’ll show you before and after pictures! Have a nice Sunday!

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