Saturday, December 8, 2007

That time fo the month again...

No it's not that time of the month, it's time for the monthly 2 hours agony that I do with pleasure. The monthly shopping. :)

It goes like this:

10.30: I leave little Choriço at my MIL and take the bus to the supermarket.
11.10: I try to find a trolley that is not too big and that rolls like a normal functional trolley should.
11.15: I start doing my shopping trying to be as fast as I can without stressing myself.
12.20: my husband shows up. Calm.
12.30: he starts saying: Linda hurry up! Not very calm.
12.40: we have argued for the first time in the supermarket.
12.50: we are probably standing in the line to the checkout.

I don't know what it is with men, why do they stress so much in the supermarket? My husband always stresses and starts to irritate me leaving me frustrated and annoyed as well. And we always manage to get annoyed with each other.

Even my MIL has said that she will never go shopping with my husband again because he makes her stressed.

See, I try to do most shopping without him but I always wait for him to get the frozen stuff and the meat. Which makes sense really. And somehow he always feels stressed in the supermarket with me.

Well it's 10;04 now, I better get ready or I will be late, we wouldn't want that now would we!?! :) * seeing before me how my husband shows up and sees that I haven't even done half the shopping.*

Does your husband like to do the shopping, any supermarket incidents you want to share? :)

And I am putting this under "dreadful house chores" as it is a chore, it need to be done :)

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