Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I got a new house!

Well almost, it feels like it anyway. *lol*

Me and hubby, OK I, were talking about how to move the computer to the dining room, which is just by the living room, so that I can be closer to the family at night and don't have to run back and forth like a headless chicken all the time. That was when I came up with this fabulous idea, and I have no idea where it came from; "what if we move the TV rack to the dining room and the dining table into the living room?".

You would have thought that I would say " why don't we switch places of the two instead". Well you see we have talked about rearranging it so many times but we have never talked about moving the TV rack. Somehow its place has always been where it was before, so we have moved sofas etc but never the TV rack. And once I said that it was like "Open Sesame" and we realized it was a great idea!

Hubby liked the idea so much that he bought an extra TV cable so we could move the TV and started drilling and went on top of the roof and all that "man stuff" that I have no idea how to do. My husband is great once he gets started but to get him started can take days or weeks or even months of talking into but this time I didn't need to say anything!

So we moved the living room and now it all of a sudden looks and feels so much cozier! The thought is that we will move my computer desk to the part of the dining room where the TV was and that will be my little mini office corner. Perfect and I can't wait to move it! It will be so much better! I am walking around with a smile on my face actually. Silly me. :)

Now I do have a little problem, the sofa. It was originally red but now it is starting to look more grey/black than red. I have been thinking of hiring someone to clean it for me but I am a little frugal so I want to try and do it myself first. The only thing is that the covers don't come off. I can't even remove the cushions, of course had I checked this when I bought the sofa I would never have bought it... Lesson learned for the next sofa, which I won't be buying for a very long time..

Any of you ladies have a good frugal tips for cleaning a dirty sofa? I have heard baking powder is good for many things, maybe that can help?

I did find a great cleaning site at The Online Maid, but I can't find anything for sofas...
Updated: I found a wonderful Frugal cleaning site: Naturally Frugal Cleaning. Wonderful articles. I am still looking for tips for my sofa though...

3 Coffee´s on the table, please have some coffee

CaffineFreak said...

Well, you have '0 cups of coffee on the table' so, I thought I'd say hello. I just found your blog and I find it interesting! I JUST rearrganged (spelling?) my living room, and it does feel much cozier with the Christmas tree and everything. I would love to hear about your religion and what kind of things you do for Christmas. Write a blog about it *hint hint* LOL!

Rose said...

I love your header-the fancy woman drinking espresso or cappuccino? I understand about rearranging a little-I do that a lot. My husband never knows where the chairs will be when he gets home! i have never visited Brazil, my cousin from England goes skiing there every year. He says it is beautiful. Blessings, Rose

Rose said...

It is Rose again-I did not mean skiing-He goes paragliding every year. Blessings, Rose