Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Take a few moments to reflect on this year and prepare yourself for next!

I am taking a mini blog break and will be back in January! But let me share a little secret with you or give  you a little Christmas gift, if you want a new header for your blog keep an eye on RS design in the next couple of days!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New year!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A week full of excitement

I have always dreamt of having a nice house, nicely decorated and cozy. Well our house hasn’t exactly been like that since we moved in here. We have talked about how we would like it to be but as we haven’t had any money to do anything it hasn’t been possible.

Now three years later it seems as if it is finally changing. This week we have done more around the house than we have in a long time. Or that is; that has made it nice and cozy. In three years time we have; changed the outside tiles from old horrible brown ones to new fresh light colored ones, we have changed the gate as it was falling apart basically, we have also had to make sure the house didn’t fall apart and lay a new ground on a few places on the yard, we have painted inside, moved the living room and no finally we have painted our house!

And the last two things are what have made the biggest difference and they have happened just now within a week, which is fantastic! From horrible looking yellow our house has changed to a fantastic green house. We started to pain yesterday around 4pm and finished around 10 pm. But we still have the back left which will be another few hours. I have advised hubby to do it today as it is me who is doing the little bits and pieces and can finish that tomorrow instead. It’s either that or wait until next Saturday. But at the moment hubby is taking a little afternoon nap so it will have to wait a little longer.

It is so nice to have a new fresh house! Tomorrow I’ll show you before and after pictures! Have a nice Sunday!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I got a new house!

Well almost, it feels like it anyway. *lol*

Me and hubby, OK I, were talking about how to move the computer to the dining room, which is just by the living room, so that I can be closer to the family at night and don't have to run back and forth like a headless chicken all the time. That was when I came up with this fabulous idea, and I have no idea where it came from; "what if we move the TV rack to the dining room and the dining table into the living room?".

You would have thought that I would say " why don't we switch places of the two instead". Well you see we have talked about rearranging it so many times but we have never talked about moving the TV rack. Somehow its place has always been where it was before, so we have moved sofas etc but never the TV rack. And once I said that it was like "Open Sesame" and we realized it was a great idea!

Hubby liked the idea so much that he bought an extra TV cable so we could move the TV and started drilling and went on top of the roof and all that "man stuff" that I have no idea how to do. My husband is great once he gets started but to get him started can take days or weeks or even months of talking into but this time I didn't need to say anything!

So we moved the living room and now it all of a sudden looks and feels so much cozier! The thought is that we will move my computer desk to the part of the dining room where the TV was and that will be my little mini office corner. Perfect and I can't wait to move it! It will be so much better! I am walking around with a smile on my face actually. Silly me. :)

Now I do have a little problem, the sofa. It was originally red but now it is starting to look more grey/black than red. I have been thinking of hiring someone to clean it for me but I am a little frugal so I want to try and do it myself first. The only thing is that the covers don't come off. I can't even remove the cushions, of course had I checked this when I bought the sofa I would never have bought it... Lesson learned for the next sofa, which I won't be buying for a very long time..

Any of you ladies have a good frugal tips for cleaning a dirty sofa? I have heard baking powder is good for many things, maybe that can help?

I did find a great cleaning site at The Online Maid, but I can't find anything for sofas...
Updated: I found a wonderful Frugal cleaning site: Naturally Frugal Cleaning. Wonderful articles. I am still looking for tips for my sofa though...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

That time fo the month again...

No it's not that time of the month, it's time for the monthly 2 hours agony that I do with pleasure. The monthly shopping. :)

It goes like this:

10.30: I leave little Choriço at my MIL and take the bus to the supermarket.
11.10: I try to find a trolley that is not too big and that rolls like a normal functional trolley should.
11.15: I start doing my shopping trying to be as fast as I can without stressing myself.
12.20: my husband shows up. Calm.
12.30: he starts saying: Linda hurry up! Not very calm.
12.40: we have argued for the first time in the supermarket.
12.50: we are probably standing in the line to the checkout.

I don't know what it is with men, why do they stress so much in the supermarket? My husband always stresses and starts to irritate me leaving me frustrated and annoyed as well. And we always manage to get annoyed with each other.

Even my MIL has said that she will never go shopping with my husband again because he makes her stressed.

See, I try to do most shopping without him but I always wait for him to get the frozen stuff and the meat. Which makes sense really. And somehow he always feels stressed in the supermarket with me.

Well it's 10;04 now, I better get ready or I will be late, we wouldn't want that now would we!?! :) * seeing before me how my husband shows up and sees that I haven't even done half the shopping.*

Does your husband like to do the shopping, any supermarket incidents you want to share? :)

And I am putting this under "dreadful house chores" as it is a chore, it need to be done :)

Friday, December 7, 2007

New management

I went to a meeting last night at my sons nursery. They are changing the management of the nursery. It has been a Pastor and his wife that has been in charge of it until now and now an art organization is taking over. Well I wasn't too impressed with their speeches that they made, a bit too *sorry I'm so shy blablabal*for my liking but they all seemed nice.

Issues that were discussed; the uniforms. The nursery have always ordered their uniforms from a wahm who makes just uniforms. This year they decided to not do that and use another company and sell them at the nursery. That caused a big problem for many parents as their kid only had one uniform. And of course as you can imagine, kids get dirty! *lol*

Second issue: What time can I pick up my kid?
Last meeting we were told that we shouldn't pick up our kids before 4.30pm as then it could be seen as if "we didn't have anything better to do, ie not working". Of course that is an absolutely silly rule but you have to follow orders as well... The new management said " the more time your kids stay with you the better". Great" We liked to hear that. They were talking about scheduling special activities in the morning instead of in the afternoon. makes sense to me, a kid is much more alert in the morning.

3rd issue; If the pastor is leaving and the management is changing; what about my kids teacher?? We were informed that the current teachers can stay if they want to. After having said that they said that actually it depends if they are qualified. They need to have a higher pedagogic degree to work there. That could be an issue actually and we (hubby and I) are thinking that perhaps my sons teacher doesn't have that. Time will tell, I hope she does though.

Well those were the big issues that the parents asked. There were about 15 parents there out of 98 kids! Where were the rest???!?!?

I went up and asked afterwards if they were changing their learning system, the education, in any way. I thought that was an important question but no one asked about it and the new management didn't raise the question. I was told it would not change. And of course I informed them where they could find the lady who makes the uniforms. I am such a good parent.... haha.

I hope everything will be OK in the end, it's in Gods hands and I am sure He knows what is best for our kids. But changes are a bit scary. :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wordless Wednesday- Winnie the half eared bear

Winnie the half eared bear

Poor Winnie ended up in a fight with the dog and lost half his right ear.

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