Monday, November 26, 2007

Yes I will buy everything!

- Mom.

- Mom!

- MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Stressed mother rushing to check if her son is in need or what has happened.

- Mom, can you buy this for me?

* Mother looking at  the TV and sees that there is a commercial for toys on.

- Yes of course honey, I'll buy it.

- Mom can you buy  this as well *counts up several toys he wants*

- Yes of course.

- And mom, can you buy.....*more toys*

-Yes! I will buy everything!!

*Mother starting to look and feel a little frustrated.

*Mother leaves the room quickly.

This scene repeats itself at least 10 times per day. Mother says she will buy everything to keep her little star happy but end up not buying everything. Bad mother. *lol*  Someone tell me this is just a phase or I will end up with a "give me give me give me" son. I believe it's just a phase....* crossing my fingers* :)

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