Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yes I can make Play dough!

Oh yes, yesterday I discovered that I am a real mother. A real funny mommy knows how to make play though. Or at least that’s some kind of pedestal thing that I have in my mind that a real mother does.

On Sunday evening two girls came over to make some tests on Choriço, they are studying childcare and wanted to know how he associates quantities etc. He did pretty well if you ask me. One of the exercises was to say which line had the most balls. They would put two lines of cut balls with different colors in front of Choriço and would then ask him which lines had the most balls. He responded that the line which was closes to him had the most balls all the time, even when it clearly didn’t. And apparently this is all normal. Give it a try with your kid and see what he/she answers.

Another thing was to separate pieces of paper but out into big circles, small circles, small squares and big squares. You can separate them by color, sized or shape.

And the one of the exercises was to play with play dough so one of the girls had brought her own flour pre-made play dough that she made while they were playing with something else. Of course this got a lot of attention and was extra fun as she had added yellow coloring to one piece.

Well last night we went to my mother in law to have dinner and when we came back Choriço had forgotten the play dough over at her house and got devastated and started crying that he wanted play dough. Being a nice mother as I am, read= all I wanted was for him to stop crying, I immediately went into the kitchen to make him some.

It can’t be that hard I thought to myself remembering the girl doing it. I didn’t have any quantities of the ingredients so I did it all by myself. If you are as clueless about it as I was then here’s how you do it:

Play dough:

1 cup (or more) of flour
2tsp salt (many recipes calls for more but its not necessary and probably better if your kid decides to eat it)
More flour
Coloring of your choice

In a bowl combine the flour, salt and coloring, add so much water that you can easily stir it. Then add more flour and when it’s not too sticky take it up on the table and knead it. You will do some kneading for about 10minutes to make sure its not sticky. Add flour continuously.

Don’t add too much flour, the play dough we buy can be too hard but this one will be softer and stay fresh for several days. Store it in a container or plastic bag. If you do not have any coloring at home, don’t fear! Use what you have, I added red squash (the drinkable kind not the vegetable) and made red play dough instead.

I might just put this on my CV; “skills: knows how to make play dough”.

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Gaida said...

Clever you Linda,

I also used to make play dough & we'd finger paint and all those fun....though often messy playtimes. These days my son is a little old for it.

Anna said...

I used to make play dough for my kids - mainly because I couldn't stand the smell of the stuff you buy. I still have the recipe around here somewhere...

Mayogi said...

Try to add some sunflower oil next time, it will make it even softer. And if you can find it in Brasil, a little bit of citric acid (citronsyra) makes it even better and it will last for longer.

Anonymous said...

5 dlvetemjöl
2 dl salt
2 msk citronsyra (alun)

5 dl vatten
1 msk matolja
1 msk karamellfärg

Blandning 2. får sjuda upp, blandas med 1.
Arbeta samman

2 dl mjöl
1 dl salt
1 dl vatten