Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen 13 things I need to do today

My life is way to stressed at the moment but that is OK, I like it as well.

I have  a lot to do today:

1: I need to blog! Yes it is a need actually. Good and bad.

2: Go walking with my friend as I do every Thursday. Not happening anymore, she just called and said she was sick. Poor her. Now she called again, we are walking, better get ready.

3: I need to clean up the house a bit and make sure my hubby get s happy when he comes home.

4: I need to go into town and buy Christmas decoration and some other necessary stuff. I really don't want to, I don't like to go into town and I have lots to do so no time. But I have to so..

5: Once back from town after stressing around I need to stress a bit more here at home I have lots of ironing to do. I have closed my eyes every time I walk pass the mountain of clothes pretending it's not there and I'll do it later.... later may never come I have realized. Better do it now.

6: I have several blog designs waiting to be finished and some waiting to be started. I love blog design but it does take a lot of time.

7: OK by this time it's probably time for some coffee. Highlight of the day.

8: I need to plan a few posts for the 31 Days to A New You challenge that will start on Daily Power Walk the 1st of December. Are you getting stressed about Christmas and New Year? Start the New Year with a new you. 31 Days and you will be fit for fight for New Year.

9: I need to do a pedicure, my feet are crying telling me they look awful. But don't imagine I will go somewhere to do it, I will do it at home by myself. That's much quicker than if I would go for a real pedicure.

10: When Choriço comes home I need to check his hair for lice. Not fun at all but necessary. Can anyone tell me about the biological order here, who eats the lice? Every animal serves a purpose right? I don't get this.

11: I need to visit some of my forums, it's been a long time.

12: Ok now this blogging and design thing is starting to repeat themselves. I haven't got many things to do but the things I have to do takes a long time.

13: I am trying to figure out a way for me not to go into town... I need a car! Taking the bus takes ages... well I guess first I would need a driving license :)

What's on you list of things to do today?

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4 Coffee´s on the table, please have some coffee

jenn said...

My list? Laundry and dishes and dusting's neverending!
Happy tt!

el-e-e said...

My list might end up being a To-Do list, as well. Such a busy time of year! happy t13!

Jane said...

Sounds like you have a busy life! I'm impressed that you can do blogging design. I wish I could do that!
My T13 is up.

Sarah said...

I love #7...there is always time for coffee!

I don't get all worked up over Christmas and New Years. If we were having a bunch of people over, then maybe...

Just remember to relax with a good cup of coffee~

You have a nice blog! Happy TT~