Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A morning at the Doctors

So 6.20 this morning I got up and made my morning coffee. There is no way I will leave my house without my morning cup! I am still sticking to the small detox schedule so only 2 cups. Although I didn't even drink that but only one. Well it was enough and I didn't have more time.  Here is a recap of what happened at the med center;

6.40 I am standing in the line to the medical center. There are about 10-15 people infront of me. 6.50 I start texting my mother saying happy belated name day. In Sweden each day in the almanac has a name and yesterday was ours. And I never use my cellphone except for when I go to the doctor to know what time it is and that is a good time to text my mother. 6.55 a cochroach comes flying next to me and scares half of the line. 7.00 The doors open and people start going inside. 7.15 I tell the nurse I want to see the Doctor and I am told to sit and wait. 8.40 A nurse calls my name and eventualy tells em she can't find my personal map with my details. 8.50 she takes my pressure and tell me to wait further. Now Im inside the medical area, before I was sitting in the waiting room. 9.40 the doctor calls me and asks what is wrong with me. Gives me antibiotics for my sinuses. 9.50 I leave his room and head to the pharmacy to get the medicine of which they didn't have everything he had prescribed. 10.00 I leave the medical center and head home.

Well that was "only" 3 hours, sometimes it takes even longer and you are not even sure you will get seen.

How is it when you go to the Doctor? Do you have to wait for three hours to get seen? If not, would you accept that is the way it is or would you complain?

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Elizabeth said...

It is very different here. We make an appointment for a specific time, say, 9:00. We get to the office a few minutes early in case there is any paperwork that needs updating (change of address, change of insurance provider).

Unless there has been an emergency that delays the appointments, a nurse calls us back to an exam room within a few minutes of our appointment time. The nurse fills out our chart, takes our pulse, blood pressure, temperature if necessary, whatever info the Doctor is going to need. Then the nurse puts our chart in a holder on the outside of the door, and the Doctor grabs it and comes in.

Depending on what treatment we need, I would say most appointments last 30 to 45 minutes total.

Hope you feel better!

Revka said...

Ugh! That sounds horrible! I wouldn't be happy with that at all; I get annoyed if my total visit time is one hour. I guess we take what life gives us. :)

Linda said...

Elisabeth: Yes that is the way I'm use to as well. Organized and somewhat on time. Here it's absolutely crazy!

Revka: Yes it is horrible :) But what can I do....

Mayogi said...

It's exactly the same thing in Morocco. Sometimes you wait for several hours and in the end don't even see the doctor. :-( I always take a book or two with me every time I need to see a doctor or for any other appointment. *lol* It's not fun but like you say - what can you do? :-(