Sunday, November 4, 2007

Basic things for a basic house

Yesterday me and hubby were cleaning up in our storage room. I then remembered that I need some string to tie the washing machine whose with. But in the same second I also remembered that we didn't have any string.

That made me a bit annoyed because if there is something basic that every home should have it's actually string. I mentioned it to my hubby and he didn't answer but said: what do you want it for? That doesn't matter I replied, the thing is we are supposed to have string at home.

Of course he has a solution for everything so he said; "well you can just cut this off (pointing at some of my laundry string where I hang my laundry) an use that". I knew he would do that! I continued to explain my point and said that in every home string should be included in the home basic essentials.

But then of course the string would just be another thing that would be visible as we haven't got any real garage cabinets for our things. That is another thing I think every house should have. Storage cabinets to hide store (or hide if you want to) all the things that just causes a mess in the storage room. Of course my husband has a solution for that as well: store everything on the loft.

I however would prefer real cabinets to sort everything. Preferably with boxes inside with names on them so everything goes into the right place. That's what I call organized!

I love my husband and I am happy he is so creative but I'm more basic and appreciate a organized home. And he says I'm not organized.. hmmm somehow I don't agree.

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