Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Holiday Prices reduced!

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Thursday Thirteen 13 things I need to do today

My life is way to stressed at the moment but that is OK, I like it as well.

I have  a lot to do today:

1: I need to blog! Yes it is a need actually. Good and bad.

2: Go walking with my friend as I do every Thursday. Not happening anymore, she just called and said she was sick. Poor her. Now she called again, we are walking, better get ready.

3: I need to clean up the house a bit and make sure my hubby get s happy when he comes home.

4: I need to go into town and buy Christmas decoration and some other necessary stuff. I really don't want to, I don't like to go into town and I have lots to do so no time. But I have to so..

5: Once back from town after stressing around I need to stress a bit more here at home I have lots of ironing to do. I have closed my eyes every time I walk pass the mountain of clothes pretending it's not there and I'll do it later.... later may never come I have realized. Better do it now.

6: I have several blog designs waiting to be finished and some waiting to be started. I love blog design but it does take a lot of time.

7: OK by this time it's probably time for some coffee. Highlight of the day.

8: I need to plan a few posts for the 31 Days to A New You challenge that will start on Daily Power Walk the 1st of December. Are you getting stressed about Christmas and New Year? Start the New Year with a new you. 31 Days and you will be fit for fight for New Year.

9: I need to do a pedicure, my feet are crying telling me they look awful. But don't imagine I will go somewhere to do it, I will do it at home by myself. That's much quicker than if I would go for a real pedicure.

10: When Choriço comes home I need to check his hair for lice. Not fun at all but necessary. Can anyone tell me about the biological order here, who eats the lice? Every animal serves a purpose right? I don't get this.

11: I need to visit some of my forums, it's been a long time.

12: Ok now this blogging and design thing is starting to repeat themselves. I haven't got many things to do but the things I have to do takes a long time.

13: I am trying to figure out a way for me not to go into town... I need a car! Taking the bus takes ages... well I guess first I would need a driving license :)

What's on you list of things to do today?

More Thursday Thirteen here!

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On bad terms

I don't wish any bad to anyone but to the dog who keeps peeing on my gate every day: Could you PLEASE STOP that!?!

What annoys me even more is the owner standing just a few houses away and not caring at all. And what can I do? Go and tell my neighbor off? I don't think so.

And it feels like it's just one of those things among many that are accepted. And I believe that if this was my dog in Sweden I had already had one or two visits from the angry neighbor who is getting his gate peed on. Maybe I'm wrong but that's what I believe.

So I am on bad terms with this dog, not with the neighbor though even though I think they should keep the dog leashed. Well well...

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Yes I will buy everything!

- Mom.

- Mom!

- MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Stressed mother rushing to check if her son is in need or what has happened.

- Mom, can you buy this for me?

* Mother looking at  the TV and sees that there is a commercial for toys on.

- Yes of course honey, I'll buy it.

- Mom can you buy  this as well *counts up several toys he wants*

- Yes of course.

- And mom, can you buy.....*more toys*

-Yes! I will buy everything!!

*Mother starting to look and feel a little frustrated.

*Mother leaves the room quickly.

This scene repeats itself at least 10 times per day. Mother says she will buy everything to keep her little star happy but end up not buying everything. Bad mother. *lol*  Someone tell me this is just a phase or I will end up with a "give me give me give me" son. I believe it's just a phase....* crossing my fingers* :)

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A morning at the Doctors

So 6.20 this morning I got up and made my morning coffee. There is no way I will leave my house without my morning cup! I am still sticking to the small detox schedule so only 2 cups. Although I didn't even drink that but only one. Well it was enough and I didn't have more time.  Here is a recap of what happened at the med center;

6.40 I am standing in the line to the medical center. There are about 10-15 people infront of me. 6.50 I start texting my mother saying happy belated name day. In Sweden each day in the almanac has a name and yesterday was ours. And I never use my cellphone except for when I go to the doctor to know what time it is and that is a good time to text my mother. 6.55 a cochroach comes flying next to me and scares half of the line. 7.00 The doors open and people start going inside. 7.15 I tell the nurse I want to see the Doctor and I am told to sit and wait. 8.40 A nurse calls my name and eventualy tells em she can't find my personal map with my details. 8.50 she takes my pressure and tell me to wait further. Now Im inside the medical area, before I was sitting in the waiting room. 9.40 the doctor calls me and asks what is wrong with me. Gives me antibiotics for my sinuses. 9.50 I leave his room and head to the pharmacy to get the medicine of which they didn't have everything he had prescribed. 10.00 I leave the medical center and head home.

Well that was "only" 3 hours, sometimes it takes even longer and you are not even sure you will get seen.

How is it when you go to the Doctor? Do you have to wait for three hours to get seen? If not, would you accept that is the way it is or would you complain?

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Did I speak too soon?

Hmmm the PR checker shows 0 now? And I was so happy to have at least a 2... Well well... PR or no PR I'll keep blogging anyway :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Detox day

This morning I had problems waking up the little man. He refused to get dressed and I had to carry him out to the car while talking about buying ice-cream. I am a horrible mother fooling my child ;)

He has his days when he just refuse to go to nursery and I feel sorry for him and let him stay at home. Those days occur about once a month so its not too often. But today it was impossible to let him stay at home. I have tons of things to do and have absolutely no time to "waste" Of course that would not be a waste of time but I would not be able to fully attend to him and his needs.

I'm on a detox day today as well. I really should cut down on coffee. Well this morning I only had 2 cups instead of three, a fruit salad for breakfast and now I've just had a salad for lunch. And no more coffee today. I am drinking licorice tea instead. It is supposed to be good for your sinuses so thats mainly why I'm drinking it.

Why am I on a detox? Well I have not been feeling too great the last few weeks and I have some kind of allergy or something thats not helping and my sinuses are telling me I need to go to the doctor. So tomorrow I will have to spend some time at the Med center. Horrible thought. It takes hours and the only way to be seen is to stand in a mile long line from 6,30 in the morning. And then you might get seen around 9,30. Horrible isn't it! So today I am trying to help my body the more natural way. No sugar or bread today. We'll see if it has any effect. It must be doing something good thats for sure.

Well going to the Doc is free but I do wish I had the money to pay for medical insurance. Thats something to put up on the wish list for next year.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Back to normal

I feel as I've been living in a box for the last week. With all the rain and storms that's been going on here I've somehow lost track of things. "What day is it? What date is it? When is the rain going to stop? I need to work!"- some of the questions thats been going on in my head.

The rain meant no internet connection and frequent power failures. Sure it's nice to sit in the dark with a candle but only for so long.

Well now it's not raining any longer but now I'm getting sick again. OK nothing big, only a cold but still... I feel as if I'm walking around in a thick fog. I'm not sure if the coffee is helping or if it has the opposite effects and I'm not going to try and find out. If I cut down I know it will be worse.

Choriço didn't feel too good either this morning so he is at home with me as well. So everything I had planned for today has been postponed.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yes I can make Play dough!

Oh yes, yesterday I discovered that I am a real mother. A real funny mommy knows how to make play though. Or at least that’s some kind of pedestal thing that I have in my mind that a real mother does.

On Sunday evening two girls came over to make some tests on Choriço, they are studying childcare and wanted to know how he associates quantities etc. He did pretty well if you ask me. One of the exercises was to say which line had the most balls. They would put two lines of cut balls with different colors in front of Choriço and would then ask him which lines had the most balls. He responded that the line which was closes to him had the most balls all the time, even when it clearly didn’t. And apparently this is all normal. Give it a try with your kid and see what he/she answers.

Another thing was to separate pieces of paper but out into big circles, small circles, small squares and big squares. You can separate them by color, sized or shape.

And the one of the exercises was to play with play dough so one of the girls had brought her own flour pre-made play dough that she made while they were playing with something else. Of course this got a lot of attention and was extra fun as she had added yellow coloring to one piece.

Well last night we went to my mother in law to have dinner and when we came back Choriço had forgotten the play dough over at her house and got devastated and started crying that he wanted play dough. Being a nice mother as I am, read= all I wanted was for him to stop crying, I immediately went into the kitchen to make him some.

It can’t be that hard I thought to myself remembering the girl doing it. I didn’t have any quantities of the ingredients so I did it all by myself. If you are as clueless about it as I was then here’s how you do it:

Play dough:

1 cup (or more) of flour
2tsp salt (many recipes calls for more but its not necessary and probably better if your kid decides to eat it)
More flour
Coloring of your choice

In a bowl combine the flour, salt and coloring, add so much water that you can easily stir it. Then add more flour and when it’s not too sticky take it up on the table and knead it. You will do some kneading for about 10minutes to make sure its not sticky. Add flour continuously.

Don’t add too much flour, the play dough we buy can be too hard but this one will be softer and stay fresh for several days. Store it in a container or plastic bag. If you do not have any coloring at home, don’t fear! Use what you have, I added red squash (the drinkable kind not the vegetable) and made red play dough instead.

I might just put this on my CV; “skills: knows how to make play dough”.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Basic things for a basic house

Yesterday me and hubby were cleaning up in our storage room. I then remembered that I need some string to tie the washing machine whose with. But in the same second I also remembered that we didn't have any string.

That made me a bit annoyed because if there is something basic that every home should have it's actually string. I mentioned it to my hubby and he didn't answer but said: what do you want it for? That doesn't matter I replied, the thing is we are supposed to have string at home.

Of course he has a solution for everything so he said; "well you can just cut this off (pointing at some of my laundry string where I hang my laundry) an use that". I knew he would do that! I continued to explain my point and said that in every home string should be included in the home basic essentials.

But then of course the string would just be another thing that would be visible as we haven't got any real garage cabinets for our things. That is another thing I think every house should have. Storage cabinets to hide store (or hide if you want to) all the things that just causes a mess in the storage room. Of course my husband has a solution for that as well: store everything on the loft.

I however would prefer real cabinets to sort everything. Preferably with boxes inside with names on them so everything goes into the right place. That's what I call organized!

I love my husband and I am happy he is so creative but I'm more basic and appreciate a organized home. And he says I'm not organized.. hmmm somehow I don't agree.