Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Thunder coming in

Yesterday it was really hot! And I mean hot! It was almost 40°C! At some parts of Brazil it was 42°C. Apparently there is some hot waves or something coming from Bolivia, can't remember exactly now, that was not supposed to come over Brazil at all. But here they are!

Its quite dark outside and it1s only 11.40am and I can hear the thunder coming. When the thunder comes and the rain fall it means that soon I will be out of power. We always have a power failure when the stormy winds and heavy rain comes. Well it doesn't have to be a heavy storm, let it rain and the power will go out. *sigh*

Hopefully that won1t happen today as I got loads of things to do. And it means I will have to pick up Choriço when it´s raining. Not funny as I go by foot.

I might have to turn on the lights soon, its getting so dark I can hardly see the keyboard. And then I'll get the candles just in case...

4 Coffee´s on the table, please have some coffee

Travis Erwin said...

If you lost power I hope it's back by now.

Gaida said...

Spring has arrived in Australia, though for some of those days it felt like summer.

Last few days we have had much needed rain, which is hopefully falling in the dam. Definitely a lot cooler though gets steamy when & if the sun comes out.

I'd say were in for a long hot summer....& it's just round the corner. Time to dust off the swimming costume.

Mayogi said...

Why don't you send us some degrees? The weather is getting cold here, only around 10 degrees C at night and since it's so humid it feels like it's a lot colder. I will have to take out the winter blankets soon, they will be needed sooner than I wish. I hate winter! But luckily it doesn't last so long here, "only" about 4 months, and then we have spring one month and we're back on the beach. *lol*

BTW, I always have candles and flash lights prepared at home because the light goes out every now and then. I'm glad I have a laptop, I can still work.

Linda said...

well I think it's getting hotter and hotter every where in the world today. It's all got to do with the global warming you know.

I'm sorry you are col Mayogi :) Lets hope you get a nice winter! Oh and I wouldn't mind a lap top either :)