Saturday, October 6, 2007

I met an Englishman!

Last night I went to one of the English schools here in my city. It was a conversation class that I was supposed to "observe" in case I become a teacher there.

Well half into the class an old man comes in and presents himself as Jack. He had an atlas with him and started showing the map of England as he is from England.. When he found out I am from Sweden he started talking about Europe and all the differences between Brazil and Europe. He was such a funny old man. Unfortunately  the girl, the only student in the room, wasn´t too impressed and seemed to be kind of bored while I enjoyed it all very much. Because I am Swedish I knew everything he knew. Mind you this man is about 80 and I wasn´t even born 1935 which was one year he was talking about.

He said we were the first people ha had spoken English to in two years and I said it was the first time in three years I´d spoken to a Brit! I miss that so much. There was a time when I could be taken for being a brit but that´s not likely to happen today. Because no one understands me properly I´ve had to take on an American accent and skip the British. I don´t have anything against American English it´s just that I´m used to and prefer British English.

It was a wonderful experience to talk to this old man and I hope I get to talk to him again. He gave me his number for me to "give him a ring". :)

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