Monday, October 1, 2007

Fun for kids

Last night my son was "reading" one of these free magazines that come in the mailbox every now and then. He was very fascinated so I peeked to see what it was that was so interesting.

- I want this mommy!
My boy is almost 4 years old and he loves cars and motorbikes so of course what he wanted was a little vehicle for to drive around in. I just smiled and said that of course I would buy it for him.

Ride-On-Toys has different vehicles and bikes for kids to play with. My son wanted a John Deere Gator but his daddy tried to tell him that a Guidecraft Tilt and Steer Racer would be so much cooler. My son didn´t really listen to him and continued to explore the different kinds of tractors that were on the page.

I am sure that this is a perfect gift for Christmas and all and if we had more space I would gladly buy one for him. The only thing I think is very important is to always supervise your kids. I know of parents who have bought these kinds of toys for their kids and let them ride on the street just as if they were normal cars. Obviously very dangerous!

If you like me have kids that would be interested in a toy like this then Ride-On-Toys have got many different kinds and something for every little boy or girl. They have electric go-carts, tractors, rocking horses, scooters, tractors with trailers, bikes, cars everything from age 0-7. So you can start early and when around 7 it´s about time to get the drivers license. *lol*

Another good thing is that you can buy it over the net. No need to go to a shop full of kids and parents going crazy because their kids can´t make up their mind about which one to get.

Now should I hide that magazine... his daddy might just get him this for Christmas...

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