Sunday, October 28, 2007

Crying in the middle of the night

Last night we saw a film that didn´t end until 01.30. I fell asleep as soon as I put my head on the pillow. 02.30: Choriço wakes up crying.

OK, we have three options to why he is crying: Need to go to the toilet, want to drink water or he is hurting somewhere.

-Sweetie, what´s wrong? Want to go to the toilet?
-Sweetie, are you thirsty?
-Choriço, are you in pain?

After some time he tells me he is thirsty. We always have a cup in the bathroom for night emergencies but that cup was not to the little mans satisfaction at all.
OK, I go and get a glass instead of the plastic cup.
OK, I get another glass, a taller one since he likes those.

I get the plastic cup again. NO! The crying has now turned into a frenetic screaming.

Now I´m getting quite tired of running back and forth between the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Daddy helps him to pee and Mommy get the water, he wants tho drink water from the big 2liter water bottle. How was I supposed to understand that???

Now he is still crying so much that he vomits on the floor. Nice.

I clean it up and we go to bed.

I need to rest!

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