Sunday, October 28, 2007

And UP we go!


The PR (down)update may have been bad for some but for this blog it has gone UP!

I have the Goodle bar in Firefox and it said pr2, surely tha´s not right I htought and decided to check.
Here are the results:

PageRank Checker: PR 2 and 3
Smart PR 3
Check 3

Can you see it:

Smart PageRank button

Now can PPP and other places please update their system as well??

*Doing th happy dance! Thank you Google*

2 Coffee´s on the table, please have some coffee

Mayogi said...

Congrats sweetie!!!! You really made my day! Love you! *doing the happy dance singing "We are the champions"* *rotflao*

This is so great! But are you sure it's for real? I still don't believe it, as you can see. ;-)

Anyway, if it's true it's great news and it has given me new energy. :-)

Revka said...

Good for you! :)