Saturday, September 8, 2007

Why is it so quiet?

I spend most of my days all alone here at home. And it´s quiet. But it doesn´t get quiet for some reason.

Today is a holiday because of the Independence Day yesterday so both my husband and my son are at home. But my husband went into town to pay some bills and my son went to see his cousin at my MIL´s. So I´m all alone again.

And somehow it feels too quiet. It´s not the same silence as when I´m at home by myself during the week. Maybe it´s because I know that they are supposed to be at home?

I actually like to work when they are at home. I don´t know why but it gives me inner peace somehow. Not said that I work better because of that, probably not because of all the disturbance but I like it.
Maybe it´s the unspoken surrounding love in our house? Whatever it is I like it but I better continue to work now or I will have to hurry when they come home. *lol*

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