Friday, September 14, 2007

A weekend trip

One of the greatest things with living in London is the accessibility and easiness to go everywhere in the world.
You can decide from one day to the next that you will take a trip to Paris over the weekend or go to Barcelona for a few days. I love that! There are always offers on for weekend breaks and usually they are reasonably priced that it won´t make much difference to your wallet.

I went for a short break to Venice once and it was the best short trip I´ve done in my life!You can easily find cheap flights and take a quick city break to a new place. I went to Venice and fell in love!

It is so easy to travel when you live in Europe and I wish I had used the opportunities more and visited more places. I´d love to go to Vienna, I´ve heard it is very beautiful there and of course all the images I´ve seen are to blame for that. A fellow food blogger just went to Prague and she ate a lot and had lots of interesting stories to tell about the food and the people. The world is so full of places that it will be impossible to visit them all but we can try. *lol*

Traveling is great! I wish I have the opportunity to do it soon again!

What is the best weekend break you´ve done? I´d love to know so that I can put it on my "possible travels" list.

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Nicholas said...

When I lived in London I had weekend breaks in Paris several times, and on long weekends I went to Amsterdam and Prague. Now I've moved across the pond, I miss that ability.

Revka said...

We like to go to the beach on the weekends - it's only 45 minutes from our house. We also love to go to the mountains, but that doesn't happen as often because they're about 6 hours away from us.

I'd love to travel the world!