Friday, September 14, 2007


I am feeling a bit exhausted after a few days of stressing around the net trying to find time to do everything. Really nothing special has happened but time just doens´t seem to be on my side. OK that´s a bad excuse, I need to get it right.

Wednesday a friend came over and I stressed too much to get the place in order before she came and as well do everything I need to. I still haven´t recovered from that. How that´s possible.

I am starting to dream about being able to be at home doing nothing. Just have my son here and be with him, play with him and have fun. Included in the fun I try to remind myself it means daily arguing, crying, screaming, me tearing my hair out, yelling, fighting... But maybe not. Because usually when I am at home with my son we have a nice time together. But I would never be able to work with him at home. He keeps calling me 211 times/minute. So I´m not sure that would work, or I´m sure it would not work.

I have great admiration for homeschooling moms. You are my idols! Revka especially :)

Tomorrow is Saturday which means hubby works until 12 and me and Choriço can enjoy a peaceful morning together. We both like Saturday mornings very much.
Have a nice weekend ladies, enjoy your rest. I sure will!

2 Coffee´s on the table, please have some coffee

Revka said...

Aw, aren't you sweet! You make me feel special. I just wish that homeschooling left me a little more time for my friends. Alas, it doesn't. But the girls are enjoying their schooling, and so am I.

I hope you get some rest.

Linda said...

But you are special :) I´m glad you are enjoying it. :)