Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thou shall not commit adultery

One of the news programs here asks a daily question to their viewers and the other day the question was: Should you have to pay if you commit adultery?

Good question!

But really I think it is SILLY.

I think four out of ten said yes. I told my husband I do not agree. Com´on we live in year 2007!!!!!!!!!!! It´s time to take responsability instead of paying in money for your sins. If you have promised to love someone you cannot simply pay an amount and the pain and suffering will go away. The pain of being cheated on is not payable!  There is no money in the world that can sompensate that!

So you ask me: why shouldn´t I get paid if my husband cheats on me? Becasue what you need is not money it´s love.

If we start with this kind of things it w

ill be just like a carousel that goes round and round all the time. In the end people will look for signs that their partner is cheating, perhaps even trick the partner into doing something against his/her will just to get compensated. I´m amazed that people even come up with these ideas.

Should you be compensated if your husband/wife cheats on you?

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